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Simplify Compliance

Cybersecurity & Vendor Due-Diligence Made Easy

For All Investment Advisors

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How We Help Your Compliance Team

Greytwist simplifies & automates compliance tasks and helps you fulfill your cybersecurity requirements

Vendor Due-Diligence

We handle the compliance burden of annually collecting vendor technical & security documentation.

Policy & Attestation Management

Automate the signing of policies & attestations (or use our templates) to enforce both internal & external adherence.

Employee Access Controls

Understand who has access to what so you can control sensitive client information properly.

Incident Response

Respond to internal and 3rd party incidents quickly & effectively. Helps obtain compliance by documenting breaches, notifying affected parties, and maintain records.

Audit & Reporting

Dynamically generate detailed reports to efficiently respond to client and external audit requests outlining what security and data privacy procedures you have in place.

Automate with SmartRIA

Software Designed For You

If you collect & store your customer or client's personal information (PII), health/medical or financial records, you, and your company, inherits the responsibility to secure this data and ensure that any 3rd party vendors working with this information is doing the same.

The governance responsibility for data is complex, hard to scale and yet required to do on an ongoing basis.

SmartRIA Data Governance combines subject matter expertise with software to provide the industry's first Data Governance platform, enabling you to reduce exposure to cyber risks through ongoing vendor assessments, employee training, proactive procedure management, and dynamic reporting.


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