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Introducing Greytwist

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Make Data Governance Simple

Data, Applications, Vendors, Employees and Policies - All in one place


Be accountable for your sensitive data. Identify what personal data you have, why you have it, where it is and who has access to it.


Annually updated vendor assessment ensures top-quality partnerships and eliminates uncertainties around your vendors security and data privacy programs.


Mitigate risk by understanding what data employees have visibility to and their level of access. Train employees on all matters regarding personal information.


Dynamically generate detailed reports outlining security and data privacy efforts for internal compliance, external auditors, and clients.

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Designed With You in Mind

Greytwist’s simple-to-use data governance platform makes vendor due diligence, access control auditing, employee training, and data privacy efforts easier than ever before- We can even provide comprehensive cybersecurity insurance. With Greytwist, top-tier risk mitigation is finally obtainable for advisory firms of all sizes.

Software Meets Managed Service

Protecting your clients personal information requires a myriad of specialized responsibilities, diverse tasks, specific knowledge and skills. Greytwist combines subject matter experts and software to help manage risk and obligation around protecting your client’s personal and financial data.

Automate Workflow & Eliminate Friction

Streamline sending and receiving employees acceptance of internal policies and effortlessly fulfill your obligation to notify clients of your firm’s updated policy changes and data incidents.

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